We believe that building out special and limited products help you -- the players -- celebrate moments and champions on top of our normal product development cadence. To better inform you of when products are available, how long they're available for, and if they're limited or special edition, we've created this collectibility guide to clarify how we think about these releases.

STANDARD RELEASE Most of our products are standard release. Our goal with standard release products is for them to be broadly available and be in the store for a long time, restocking them Soon ™ whenever they run out.
SPECIAL EDITION Special Edition products are created to commemorate a special occasion or version of a product. These are available for a shorter period of time, at the end of which this product design goes into our vault. While the designs are only available for a short time, we occasionally will bring these back out from the vault for special moments.
LIMITED EDITION Limited Edition products are produced once, and in small quantities. When they sell out, we retire them and won’t sell them again. Limited Edition product may make extremely rare appearances as part of mystery products.
CHROMA EDITION Chroma Edition products are hyper-rare, color-variant micro runs of existing products. Because it’s a micro run, they’ll often come individually numbered. Like Limited Edition items, once they sell out, we retire them and won’t sell them again. For each Chroma Edition, we’ll make the micro run available in a single region or in single a channel (like here on our online store, or at live event). These will often drop with short notice, so keep an eye out!

Q: What products does this apply to?
A: This applies to any products we create that have numbered sequences to their release.

Q: What does all this mean for the existing products that have already been released?
A: While we are better defining the terminology here, the thinking around collectibility has been part of our product releases from the start and applies. This is an opportunity for us to further clarify this thinking and language and label it better. Each product on the website is now labeled with its respective classification.

Q: Does this mean I can no longer get products that are retired?
A: Correct, retired products will never return to the store, although they may make extremely rare appearances during mystery events.

Q: How often do things come out of the vault?
A: There’s no established cadence to when or how often something comes out of the vault, but we want it to feel special when it does and we will be sure to announce it.

Q: What’s a series?
A: A series is a meaningful break point in a collectible line. An individual champion will only appear once in a series but may show up again in a future series in a different way.