Zed Unlocked Statue


Zed Unlocked Statue


The unseen blade is the deadliest. Zed is now Unlocked.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Height: 9 in / 23 cm
  • Width: 9.5 in / 24 cm


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As dusk nears, Zed completes his solitary training and starts traveling back to the temple. A cloaked blade cuts through the darkness as Zed narrowly ducks under the slash and leaps into the branches above.

"Blades from a Northern clan," Zed thinks before a heavy, metal ball slams against his left pauldron, knocking him from the branches as the ball’s chain pulls back into the trees.

A barrage of shurikens fly at Zed as he falls. Predictable. He focuses on the darkness behind the ranged attacker. The shadows smoke and swell behind her as they materialize into a clone. Instantly swapping places with the shadow, he stabs the assailant through the back before she can react.

The remaining ninja leaps at Zed. As he leaves the ground, his vision darkens. His soul sinks. The Death Mark consumes him as Zed lands and scours for more to kill in the name of the shadows.

Sizing Chart

A Deeper Cut

  • Unlock the inner essence of your favorite champions with the stylized and collectible Unlocked statue collection.
  • Zed Unlocked shines a light on the Master of Shadows, poised and ready to fight with his Dual Shadow Blades and his Razor Shuriken