Ekko Unlocked Statue


Ekko Unlocked Statue


Achieve the impossible the first time, every time. Ekko is now Unlocked.

Approximate Measurements:

  • PVC materials
  • Height: 10.2 in / 25.9 cm
  • Width: 7.25 in / 18.4 cm

This product comes in a custom designed box. Please note that the box is for the protection of the product during transportation only and is not replaceable if damaged.

This product is not intended as a toy or children's product.

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For the sixth time, Ekko leaps back to narrowly avoid a shot from the chemtech carbine. Once more, the three vigilnauts block his escape.

Ekko closes his eyes and retraces his steps. "The left one with the glowing whip will go for my legs. Dive forward to dodge the attack and knock out the second while he's reloading. Duck the third's sucker punch. Hit the gear at his wrist to backfire his chem-gauntlet and take him out. In 0.4 seconds, bat away the incoming whip. Throw out a Timewinder to end the fight."

Ekko's eyes slowly open and set upon the vigilnauts with a knowing confidence. Time to break out of here.

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Things to Recall

  • Unlock the inner essence of your favorite champions with the stylized and collectible Unlocked statue collection.

  • Ekko Unlocked pauses the Boy Who Shattered Time at a moment he's reliving a situation with confidence, knowing exactly what he's going to do for the outcome he desires.

  • The magical hextech color of Ekko's gear and his Zaunite street fashion will make you look twice!

  • People waste a lot of time, then they wish for more. More hours in their days, more days in their years, more years in their lives. As if they had all that extra time they could fix any mistake. Ekko doesn't need hours or days or years. He only needs seconds.