Braum Unlocked XL Statue


Braum Unlocked XL Statue


Braum is here! Stand behind Braum! Braum is now Unlocked.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Height: 10.8 in / 27.5 cm
  • Width: 9.6 in / 24.5 cm


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Have I ever told you how Braum got his shield? A young troll boy around your age was climbing the mountain and happened upon a massive stone door with a shard of True Ice at its center. When he opened the door, he couldn't believe his eyes! Beyond was a vault filled with gold and jewels. Every kind of treasure you could imagine! What he didn't know was that the vault was a trap. The Ice Witch had cursed it, and as the troll boy entered, the magical door clanged shut behind him! It locked him inside! Try as he might, he couldn't escape. The boy's parents were beside themselves. His mother's wails of grief echoed around the mountain. It seemed hopeless. And then they heard a distant laugh. Braum had heard their cries and came striding down the mountain. The villagers told him of the troll boy and the curse. Braum smiled and nodded. He turned to the vault and faced the door. He pushed it. Pulled it. Punched it. Kicked it. Even tried to rip it from its hinges, but the door wasn’t for budging.

For many days and nights, Braum sat on a boulder, trying to think of a solution. After all, a child's life was at stake. Then, as the sun rose on the fifth day, his eyes widened, and a broad grin lit up his face. "If I can't go through the door" he said "then I'll just have to go through-"... Braum headed to the summit and began punching his way straight down, pummeling his way through the stone, fist after fist. Rocks flew in his wake, until he had vanished deep into the mountain.

As the villagers held their breath, the rock around the door crumbled. And when the dust cleared, they saw Braum standing amidst the treasure, the weak but happy troll boy cradled in his arms. But before they could celebrate, everything began to rumble and shake. Braum's tunnel had weakened the mountain, and now it was caving in! Thinking quickly, Braum grabbed the enchanted door and held it above him like a shield, protecting the villagers as the mountain collapsed around them. When it was over, Braum was amazed. There wasn't a single scratch on the door! Braum knew it was something very special. And from that moment on, the magical shield never left Braum's side.

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Supporting Info

  • Unlock the inner essence of your favorite champions with the stylized and collectible Unlocked statue collection.
  • Braum Unlocked features the friendly Heart of the Freljord leaning on his massive shield with a Poro in hand.