Ashe Unlocked Statue


Ashe Unlocked Statue

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Take a good look -- it's the last you're going to get. Ashe is now Unlocked.

Material and Approximate Measurements:

  • PVC materials
  • Height: 10.2 in / 25.9 cm
  • Width: 7.25* in / 18.4* cm

*Width measurement does not include Ashe's enchanted bow.

This Statue comes in a custom designed box. Please note that the box is for the protection of the statue during transportation only and is not replaceable if damaged.

This product is not intended as a toy or children's product.

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Ashe is Now Unlocked

Ashe scans the horizon for incoming threats. Her right hand grips Avarosa's enchanted bow, while her left rests at her side, prepared to unleash a volley. She awaits the familiar cry of her hawk, but only the Freljordian wind howls behind her. The Watchers will come. And it's up to Ashe to protect her tribes, no matter the cost.

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The Cold Hard Facts

  • Unlock the inner essence of your favorite champions with the stylized and collectible Unlocked statue collection.
  • Ashe Unlocked captures the Frost Archer as the watchful leader staring into the distance, ready to let loose a flurry of ice.
  • From her outfit's intricate designs to her bow's icy blue glow, Ashe's gorgeous details will stun anyone who lays eyes on her—no ultimate required.